Hier finden Sie eine kleine Auswahl an Booten, die ich gebaut habe
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"Calietta", copy of 1907 "Emile Lapeyre" design
 build in 2013 for french customer
LOA              12,10m
Hull lenght       9,35m
Beam              2,85m
Draft        0,55/1,35m
Weigh             2,7 ton
Van De Stadt 40 Caribbean
"Jochanan" Catamaran
"Jochanan" Kurt Hughes catamaran redesign by Wiebe Postma and Maarten Bakker.
Hull build by me (Marek Dziedzic) and Wiebe Postma
in 1994/5
"Bi"  Sango Catamaran
"Black Pearl"   Peter Ibold 46 feet
We can build monohull, catamaran or trimaran specialy for you.
Close cooperation with many good designers and our experience is a guarantee of high quality
Nawiatr 700 racing boat
This is only a small part of the boats that we built or restored
My first boat build in 1979