Didi Cruise-Mini
Fast minimum cruiser

 ~ Based on Didi Mini

 ~ Simpler cruising rig

 ~ Optional Lifting keel for gunkholing

 ~ More comfortable interior

 ~ Heads compartment

 ~ Fast coastal mini cruiser

 ~ Round the buoys racer
Construction is the same as for the standard Didi Mini, with some cruiser-oriented modifications. First, we have transplanted the lifting keel of the Didi 26 trailer sailer into the hull. This keel has a glass covered hardwood foil and lead beavertail ballast bulb for efficiency. It is lifted with a tackle inside the box and a winch on the cabintop. The keel casing fits neatly between the two parts of the plywood double backbone in the saloon and stiffens the hull by tying the hull and deck together.
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