Didi Mini Mk3
~ Economy of plywood

 ~ Modern radius chine hull with topside chine

 ~ Stitch & glue cabintop & topside chine

 ~ Developed from Didi Mini concept

 ~ Round bilge from sheet material

 ~ Amateur or pro builders

 ~ Fixed or canting keel

 ~ High performance racing on a tight budget
~ Updated hull shape with broader stern and topside chine

 ~ Extended cabin roof, forming protected cuddy over    front of cockpit

 ~ Easier access between cockpit and interior

 ~ More power from broader and flatter stern

 ~ Water ballast of fixed keel version further outboard

 ~ Bow and stern ballast tanks in canting keel version

 ~ Tacking daggerboard in canting keel version

 ~ Redesigned foam flotation, cleaner interior

 ~ Inboard chainplates for tighter genoa sheeting

 ~ Larger square-head mainsail

 ~ Carbon or aluminum spars
Low budget performer
Dixi Dinghy & Argie 10
Cape Henry 21
Didi Cruise-Mini
Didi 26
Didi 28
Didi 34
Didi 40cr
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