Paper Jet Sail #017
 Launched August 2010

 Builder: Jim Phoenix
 Bonney Lake, WA, USA
 Kit supplier: TCC
 Sails by: Pre-owned Laser 11 sails

 Jim has made a nice job of his build, which he documented here.

Billy's website
Paper Jet 14
Plywood Stitch & Glue Sailing Skiff
LOA                                      4.10m
Beam                                    1.63m
Draft                            0.12/0.8m
Hull weight                            45kg
Sail Area Lite                  7.2sq.m
Sail Area Standard      10.2sq.m
Sail Area Turbo
                          upwind  13.6sq.m           
                    downwind  19.6sq.m 
Kit & Plans      860€ + VAT
Daggerboard + Rudder foil    price 229€ +VAT
Dixi Dinghy & Argie 10
Cape Henry 21
Didi Cruise-Mini
Didi 26
Didi 28
Didi 34
Didi 40cr
Teak Deck &

The newest dinghy design, modern performance skiff concept with some traditional touches.

  Grow your sailing skills without changing boats -  3 rigs in 1 boat.
  ~ Paper Jet Lite - Free-standing unarig
  ~ Paper Jet Standard - Add standing rigging, jib & trapeze
  ~ Paper jet Turbo - Longer topmast, larger mainsail, add bowsprit & asymmetrical spinnaker - a powered-up performance skiff

  Wet deck - open transom for fast draining

  Stitch & glue plywood - within the abilities of reasonably skilled amateurs

  Built over lightweight interlocking ladder-frame -  strong & light

  Simple hardware layout - great training boat

  Traditional rigging features - reduced hardware and cost